About Indiana Cancer

The Indiana Cancer Consortium is a statewide network of public and private partnerships whose mission is to reduce the cancer burden in Indiana through the development, implementations, and evaluation of a comprehensive cancer control plan that addresses cancers across the continuum from prevention through palliation. [Learn more...]

2012 ICC Annual Report

Today, over 200 organizational and individual members support the ICC's mission to reduce the state’s cancer burden. It is in this multi-sectored and diverse membership that the ICC finds a unique strength in the fight against cancer. By uniting leaders across the state, we collectively assess and approach Indiana’s disease challenges in a way that no organization could undertake alone. Our members come to the ICC meeting table ready to share expertise and resources; and in return, they plan, contribute, and take advantage of a full range of free ICC services — including professional trainings, educational publications, mini-grants, and evidence-based guidance. At the 2013 Annual Meeting, we released the ICC Annual Report to better inform our membership and Hoosiers of the significant contributions our coalition makes.

ICC Employer Gold Standard Certification

The ICC invites Hoosier employers to join the ICC Employer Gold Standard Initiative. This certification program establishes the workplace as the primary setting to focus on early detection and appropriate screening for cancer. By joining this Employer Gold Standard initiative, employers can mitigate the effects of cancer in the workplace and reduce the burden of cancer across Indiana. Download the ICC Employer Gold Standard Information Packet.