ICCP Dashboard Released!

The ICC Data Committee has created an online dashboard as an interactive reflection of in the Indiana Cancer Control Plan 2018-2020 (ICCP)! We encourage members to utilize this dashboard in conjunction with the ICCP to monitor progress on objectives and strategies. Our hope is that this dashboard will provide a visual experience for our members to analyze data, trends, and strategies of the Plan and reflect the baseline data, our goal, and where we currently stand. Data will be updated as it becomes available. View the ICCP Dashboard >>> The dashboard is broken into an All Measures/ overview tab, as well as breaks down objectives from the Primary Prevention, Early Detection, Treatment, and Survivorship priority areas. Members are able to utilize the scroll function beneath each bar chart to view the data for the corresponding strategies. Each objective lists corresponding strategies taken directly from the ICCP to encourage stakeholders and organizations to address these objectives. Be sure to bookmark this site so you can visit the dashboard and utilize the data and strategies for projects, grants, trend analysis, and more!

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