Safe Routes to School in Indiana

Longtime ICC member Health by Design recently rebranded the Safe Routes to School Workgroup as the Indiana Safe Routes to School Partnership. Check out the Partnership’s new logo!

The Indiana Safe Routes to School Partnership is hosting many initiatives during April and May to increase the number of Hoosier Children safely walking and biking to school. The ICC supports these events and encourages our membership to attend to learn more about Safe Routes to School policy and advocacy.

Through the Indiana Cancer Control Plan 2010-2014, the ICC works to increase policies that promote physical activity for students, and we specifically advocate for Safe Routes to School programs including both infrastructure projects and educational activities that facilitate safe walking and biking to school.

Safe Routes to School programs also directly relate to the ICC Policy Agenda. The ICC advocates for Complete Streets policies at the state and local level, which ensure that transportation planners and engineers consistently design and operate the entire roadway with all users in mind. When “streets are complete,” alternative modes of transportation (walking, biking, etc.) are more attractive; physical activity is promoted; safety is improved for all users, and in the case of safe routes to school, safety is improved for children; and the unintended chronic disease effects of a less active lifestyle is minimized.

To learn more about the Indiana Safe Routes to School Partnership and their upcoming events, please visit the Health By Design. To learn more about how the ICC is involved, join the ICC Advocacy Committee.


Fifty People, One Question

On August 15, 2011, we grabbed a camera and set it up at the heart of Indianapolis. We had one question, and we wanted fifty answers. One by one, people took a leap of faith and stepped in front of our camera – not knowing what we might ask.

Here’s the result of what happens when you ask fifty strangers:

“If you could say one message to someone living with cancer, what would it be?”

Thank you to our fifty participants who gave us their time, their stories, and their honesty.

This is dedicated to all those living with cancer, the survivors, and their loving caregivers.


Introducing the ICC Blog

Nearly ten years ago, the Indiana State Department of Health, the Indiana University Cancer Center, the Indiana University School of Medicine Department of Public Health, and the American Cancer Society, Great Lakes Division launched the Indiana Cancer Consortium (ICC), a statewide network of public and private partnerships united to reduce the burden of cancer in Indiana. Over the last decade, the ICC has welcomed over 150 members, both individuals and organizations, representing all regions and counties across the state of Indiana. Year after year, these members join together in partnership, collaboration, and organization to carry out the objectives established in a comprehensive plan that addresses cancers across the continuum from prevention through palliation.

Today, we are proud to announce our next organizational milestone and our next step in the fight against cancer: The Indiana Cancer Consortium Blog!

What can you expect from the ICC Blog?

The blog will be a place for the ICC to elaborate on its mission and objectives represented in the state plan by providing committee updates, event announcements, and various accomplishments achieved by the ICC and/or ICC partner organizations. However, more importantly, the blog will act as a tool for better connecting the consortium with members, health professionals, other coalitions, and various citizens interested in cancer control and prevention. With this blog, we promise to be more transparent and more accessible, and as a result, we hope to provide readers with both educational and informative content.

What will be written about on the blog?

The blog will focus on evidence-based cancer control and prevention with a specific aim to educate professionals and the public on the objectives outlined in the Indiana Cancer Control Plan, 2010-2014.

That said, our blog will also reflect the many hats the ICC wears in the Indiana cancer community (leader, advocate, planner, cheerleader, provider, etc.). In short, blog articles will explore:

  • The depths of cancer control in developing, implementing, and evaluating a state plan;
  • The intricacies of establishing local cancer control coalitions;
  • Advocacy issues ICC committees and partner organizations are undertaking;
  • Best practices on how to use social media with public health;
  • Cancer facts and figures reports specific to the Indiana cancer burden.

All this in addition to a few special blog series that you will surely not want to miss out on!

Wrapping up…

So, welcome to all of our readers! This project is one that will evolve over time to the needs of our members and readers, but we hope you are as excited as we are about what is to come. We encourage you to get involved by commenting on our posts and letting us know your thoughts or what your organization may be doing in the field of cancer control. Finally, we love hearing from our members and invite those interested to contact us for guest blogging opportunities.

Until next time, thanks for reading and have a good day!