Indiana Cancer Consortium Employer Gold Standard Initiative

The Indiana Cancer Consortium’s (ICC’s) Employer Gold Standard Initiative recognizes employers who help establish the workplace as a primary setting to focus on early detection and appropriate screening for breast, cervical, and colorectal cancers.

According to the 2014 Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System, Indiana ranks 43rd nationally in mammography screening for breast cancer, 47th in Pap tests for cervical cancer screening, and 41st for colorectal screening according to United States Preventive Task Force recommendations. Employers are uniquely positioned to improve our state screening rates by providing education, increasing awareness, and providing opportunity for early detection cancer screenings. In order to become an ICC Employer Gold Standard recognized organization, employers must meet a series of requirements based on national screening recommendations and best practices.

Employers can follow these steps to become an ICC Employer Gold Standard Organization:

  1. Complete an application of intent and submit to
  2. Join as an official ICC member.
  3. Address at least two of the following cancers: breast, cervical, or colorectal.
  4. Design a cancer control and prevention action plan utilizing the suggested best practice resource provided by the ICC (technical assistance is provided). Action plan guidelines and resources are sent to employer representatives after submission of application. Download the Intervention Plan Template >>>
  5. Technical assistance provided by the EGS Committee.

There are no fees associated with becoming an ICC member organization or joining the ICC Employer Gold Standard Initiative.

Join today and be recognized as a leader of cancer prevention and control and a model organization for other interested employers!