Indiana Cancer Control Plan 2018-2020

Official Release of the Indiana Cancer Control Plan 2018-2020

Developed by the Indiana Cancer Consortium (ICC) and diverse partners from across the state, the Indiana Cancer Control Plan 2018-2020 (ICCP 2018-2020) is a comprehensive roadmap for actions that will guide cancer control efforts and promote collaboration between organizations and the citizens of Indiana.

Gathering around the ICC table, experts and key stakeholders in the fields of public health, cancer research, and treatment identify the most important activities that, when implemented, can reduce cancer in Indiana.

The plan consists of four focus areas: primary prevention, early detection, treatment, and survivorship. Each section has an overarching goal, and supporting objectives and strategies, which adhere to evidence-based interventions and scientific studies. This plan is for everyone in our state looking for ways to join the fight against cancer.

Day by day, as more partners engage in strategies from this plan, extraordinary accomplishments are made. This is the power of our unique cancer control alliance. Together, we are stronger than cancer.

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For more information on data sources and further background on the objective baselines and measures, please view our Data Compendium >>>