Advocacy is action directed toward influencing the way the public and policymakers at all levels think and act regarding a given issue. An advocate is anyone who participates in the process of influencing policy. By informing and educating the public and policymakers, cancer control advocates can positively influence the laws, regulations, and rules that impact the experience of cancer from prevention through palliation.

Goal: Advocate for cancer-related policy initiatives


  • By 2014, increase the Indiana Cancer Consortium’s (ICC) communications distribution by 50 percent from 336 to 504 as measured by the Indiana Comprehensive Cancer Control Program’s listserv database.
  • (Developmental) By 2014, increase ICC member participation in legislative advocacy. Potential data source: ICC Annual Membership Satisfaction Survey
  • By 2014, increase the number of funding sources from one to three to supplement the Comprehensive Cancer Control program and implementation of the cancer control plan.
  • By 2014, reduce disparities by increasing the number of adults who report health insurance coverage from 88 percent to 90 percent as measured by the U.S. Census Bureau, Current Population Survey, Annual Social and Economic Supplement.
  • (Developmental) By 2014, increase ICC members’ knowledge of cancer related disparities. Potential data source: ICC Annual Membership Satisfaction Survey
  • (Developmental) By 2014, increase ICC communication with the general public to strengthen public awareness of emerging cancer-related policy initiatives. Potential data sources: ICC Annual Membership Satisfaction Survey, Indiana Comprehensive Cancer Control Program

NOTE: All strategies can be found in the specified section of the Indiana Cancer Control Plan.