Indiana Cancer Facts and Figures 2015

The Indiana Cancer Facts and Figures 2015 is the fourth iteration of our state’s only comprehensive report on the burden of cancer. This report provides the most recent and accurate data available for the state of Indiana, covering a wide variety of current cancer issues and trends, including cancer incidence, mortality, and survival statistics as well as information on decreasing the risk of cancer, cancer symptoms, risk factors, early detection, and treatment.

The ICC is proud to promote the message that this report sends from the Indiana cancer community to Hoosiers across the state. The Indiana Cancer Facts and Figures 2015 perfectly demonstrates the willingness and the passion that Hoosiers have to work together to improve and overcome our state’s cancer burden. We know that we can only make a real difference through collective effort and action.

The size and scope of this report becomes that much more admirable when considering that nearly 100 percent of it is completed voluntarily by ICC members. As such, we trust that the collaborative efforts of our contributing partners will benefit all Indiana residents and serve as a rallying call for us to move forward as a single cancer control alliance.

From the ICC, we thank the American Cancer Society and the Indiana State Department of Health for their partnership in creating this report. We also thank all of those who helped make this report a reality. The time, the resources, and the expertise shared will establish this report as a leading tool for Indiana’s cancer prevention and control efforts. Furthermore, we also recognize the value of all those who will now take this report and act according to its findings.

Finally, to all Indiana residents, the ICC promises to continue convening partners, identifying cancer burdens, and developing and implementing evidence-based interventions that will improve the health of all citizens of Indiana.

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