Priority Projects

Priority projects are larger projects that include many ICC stakeholders working together over a two to three year project period. Under the guidance of the ICC Steering Committee, the ICC Membership will work together to establish a priority project  in each of our focus areas: Primary Prevention, Early Detection, Treatment, Quality of Life, Data, and Advocacy.


  • Under Review

Early Detection: ICC Employer Gold Standard

Quality of Life: 2014 Clinical and Community Linkages Conference

  • More information soon!

Data: 2015 Indiana Cancer Facts and Figures

  • The Indiana Cancer Facts and Figures is published every three years and  identifies current cancer trends and their potential impact on Indiana residents. This report significantly helps the ICC measure Indiana’s progress toward meeting the goals and objectives outlined in the Indiana Cancer Control Plan. This publication is an exemplary application of collaboration in public health. We hope that the sharing of knowledge, resources, and expertise among the many participating organizations to produce this tool will inspire organizations across the state to tackle the cancer burden together.

Advocacy: Policy Agenda

  • The 2014/2015 Policy Agenda includes: 1) Pass a statewide comprehensive smokefree air law; 2) Increase cigarette tax; 3) Pass Complete Streets policies at the state or local level; 4) Include language in local school wellness policies to ensure that students in elementary schools have 30 minutes of physical activity a day

ICC Regional Cancer Control Coalitions

  • The Indiana Cancer Consortium is leading in the development of local cancer control coalitions, which support a small number of counties in designated regions of Indiana. These regionally concentrated coalitions are better equipped to address the most significant barriers and cancer burdens in local communities.