Resources for Physicians and Health Care Professionals

The National Cancer Survivorship Resource Center (NCSRC)

The NCSRC is a collaborative initiative of the ACS and the George Washington University Cancer Institute. It is funded by a five-year cooperative agreement from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The NCSRC goal is to shape the future of cancer survivorship care and improve the quality of life of cancer survivors as they transition from treatment to recovery. The NCSRC provides evidence-based information, resources and support to cancer survivors, caregivers, friends and family. It is also aimed at improving survivorship knowledge and skills of health care professionals, community-based organizations and government organizations. The NCSRC also recommends action to policy and decision makers.

 NCSRC: Tools for Health Care Professionals

The website includes cancer survivorship care tools and resources for providers, organizations and communities.

Cancer Survivorship E-learning Series for Primary Care Providers

A free continuing education program that provides a forum to educate primary care providers who may have patients who are cancer survivors about how to better understand and care for survivors in the primary care setting. Continuing education credits are available at no cost to participants for each one-hour module.

From Cancer Patient to Cancer Survivor: Lost in Transition

While the number of cancer survivors are increasing in the United States, primary care physicians and other health care professionals often are not familiar with the consequences of cancer, and often may not receive adequate guidance from oncologists. This report, released by the Institute of Medicine, aims to raise awareness of the consequences of cancer and its treatment, define quality health care for cancer survivors, and improve the quality of life of cancer survivors.


Offers services, partnerships, and tools that can help patients prepare for, cope with and manage their cancer journey.

Commission on Cancer (CoC)Program Standards 2012, Version 1.2.: Ensuring Patient-Centered Care

The American College of Surgeons’ CoC released this manual which outlines the standards that address patient-centered needs and brings an additional focus on the quality of care and outcomes.

American Society of Clinical Oncology Cancer Survivorship Compendium

The Survivorship Care Compendium has been developed to serve as a repository of tools and resources to enable oncology providers to implement or improve survivorship care within their practices.

 National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship

The National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship (NCCS) advocates for the quality of cancer care for all people touched by cancer. Resources are provided that encourage a dialogue between cancer patients and survivors and their healthcare team. They have created a selection of resources for use in daily practice covering issues for people living with, through, and beyond cancer.