What We Do

We bring together the Indiana cancer community, identify the specific burdens facing Indiana and our local communities, and develop evidence-based solutions to better prevent and control cancer. 

Our coalition was formed under a united mission to make a difference in cancer through a collaborative process. By building, connecting, and educating a network of organizations and community members across the state, we are able to better address the unique needs and barriers challenging Hoosier communities. Thus, the ICC unites a multi-sectored and diverse membership that collectively assesses and approaches Indiana’s cancer challenges in a way that no other organization could undertake alone. Our large membership base comes to the ICC meeting table ready to share expertise and resources; and in return, they plan, contribute, and take advantage of a full range of free services – including professional trainings, educational publications, mini-grants, and guidance.

Year to year, we are involved in many initiatives and partnerships. We listen to statewide and community organizations, public health and medical experts, and other interested Hoosiers to identify and address the gaps in cancer prevention and control across Indiana. The larger the ICC grows, the larger the impact we are able to have.

Our member organizations and individuals are guided by the Indiana Cancer Control Plan 2010-2015, an evidence-based roadmap for cancer control.  With the plan in hand, our members establish priority committees and projects, where they are able to maximize resources, evaluate impact, and prevent duplicating efforts.

The Indiana Cancer Consortium is a strategic partnership, and we hope you consider getting involved today!