Becoming a member of the ICC is free for all organizations and individuals. The ICC membership plans, contributes, and takes advantage of a full range of free services – including professional trainings, educational publications, funding opportunities, and guidance. By listening to our partners, public health and medical experts, and other interested individuals, we continually evolve to better address the gaps in cancer prevention and control across the state. The larger our coalition grows, the bigger impact and voice we have!

Opportunities & Expectations


  • As a member, you gain access to the ICC network and collaborations with organizations who are working to make a difference in cancer in Indiana
  • Opportunities to bolster your organizations messaging throughout the Indiana Cancer Consortium network
  • Opportunities for professional education and leadership through ICC and partner initiatives
  • Public recognition as an ICC member and as a leader in Indiana cancer control
  • Access to timely and quality Indiana cancer data
  • Participation in ICC committee and workgroup meetings (Learn more about ICC committees.)


We ask that our members:

  • Endorse and support ICC priority areas and initiatives
  • Participate in development and implementation of the Indiana Cancer Control Plan
  • Bring your organizations initiatives and goals to the table

Additionally, ICC members have the opportunity to:

  • Attend and contribute to the ICC Annual Meeting
  • Participate in and vote on current ICC issues and initiatives
  • Participate in the process of determining statewide cancer control priorities
  • Help in the election process of ICC co-chairs and positions on the ICC Advisory Board

Members reserve the right to resign their ICC membership at any time.

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