Becoming a member of the ICC is free for all organizations and individuals. Organizational memberships should be completed by dedicated individuals who can fully represent their organization and make decisions on its behalf. Organizational membership requires identifying a primary and alternate representative who will be expected to share ICC communications, events, and data with staff and partners. Organizational members are also responsible for communicating back to ICC leadership about strategic priorities through the utilization of surveys and success stories.

Opportunities & Expectations


  • Networking and collaboration with other organizations committed to cancer control in Indiana
  • Participation in statewide efforts to make a difference in cancer care and outcomes
  • Professional education and information
  • Public recognition of leadership in cancer control
  • Access to timely and quality cancer data


Members are expected to do the following:

  • Endorse and support ICC priorities
  • Participate in implementation of at least one ICC priority
  • Share information about how ICC priorities are being implemented

Members will:

  • Attend ICC Annual Meetings
  • Vote on ICC issues
  • Commit themselves to activities that support the ICC’s mission
  • Participate in the process of determining statewide cancer control priorities
  • Elect ICC co-chairs and categorical rotating positions on the ICC Board of Directors

Members reserve the right to resign their ICC membership at any time.

Apply for Membership

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